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Home » Gate Articles » Details about GATE 2014

Details about GATE 2014

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Introduction and Importance of GATE examination

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. GATE an entrance exam which is mandatory in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and NIT(National Institute of Technology) and it is sometimes preferable by other state engineering colleges for entry to master level programs like Master of Technology (M. Tech.) and Master of Engineering (M. E.). Some industries also look for GATE qualified candidate for interview or job hiring because GATE consists of most of the syllabus covered during graduation. So, a candidate with good GATE score is considered to be most eligible for higher education as well as job. Recently Navratna companies or some PSU (Public Sector Units) like Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), NTPC Limited ( National Thermal Power Corporation), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd (HECL), have made GATE qualification mandatory for first stage of interview exam for hiring. So, now it is almost mandatory for every engineering graduate.

Details about GATE 2014

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)-2014 will be conducted all over India by IIT on behalf of MHRD ( Ministry of Human Resource Development). The GATE 2014 exam date is 9th February, 2014. Always remember, GATE is conducted every year on second Sunday of February.

GATE exam pattern:

GATE exam consists of 100 marks paper which will consists of two sections according to the nature of questions asked. One section involve engineering questions and other will involve General Aptitude. The engineering questions will be of short numerical type or theoretical type. The short numerical is having either two or one marks and theoretical question will have one marks. Also GATE consider 'negative marking'. You will lose 1/3 mark for each wrong answer for 1 mark questions. And 2/3 marks for each wrong answer for 2 marks questions. So, think 'thrice' before writing any answer in GATE!

How to prepare for the GATE?

Below I have given some GATE preparation tips which might help every candidate of GATE who are going to appear for next GATE exam. These GATE preparation tips are my experience during GATE 2006 when I gave GATE in my final year. If you are apply for the first time, it is very necessary to follow each and every tips mentioned below. Chanakya said that 'It is better to learn from other's experience rather than first experience it with ourselves'. So, these tips will be helpful while appearing for the first time in GATE exam or for will improve your score or aptitude in GATE compared to previous years.

1. Technical tips for GATE exam

Study the syllabus

The first step to start preparation for GATE is to study the complete syllbus of your specialization. If you are in Mechanical Engineering, you should download the syllabus for GATE - Mechanical Engineering (ME) and try to study the syllabus. Here study means which are the subjects you need to study well, Which subject's syllabus involves 'numerical' and which involve only 'theoretical stuffs'? If you are in still graduate student and want to give GATE exam in future, you should first compare the subject's GATE syllabus with syllabus of your curriculum of your university. You should pay more attention to those topics which are common. Thus, you can start preparing for the GATE in well advance and you will get plenty of time for nice GATE preparation.

Solve previous year GATE papers

You should first check which type of questions are asked in GATE exam and this can only possible if you study or solve the previous year GATE papers. Download the previous year GATE papers and check all the papers w.r.t. each subject in GATE syllabus and determine which subject are most important for GATE. Thus, you can do smart preparation of GATE otherwise 20-30 subjects are hard to study for GATE. You should do smart preparation instead of hard preparation! Normally GATE exam asks those question which are most related to master's program. So, you can understand which subject are important. For Mechanical Engineering, Thermal subject, Design subjects and Manufacturing subjects are most important.

Concentrate more on basic concepts

The main objective behind GATE exam is to check basic knowledge. To study master or research program, it is mandatory to have sound basics in those field so, GATE exam mostly deal with checking of basic concepts. They will never ask definition but they will push you to think for an answer. You will never get straight forward answer to any question. You will find two or more options right for a question. You need to decide which is correct out of many similar answers.

Prepare subject notes

If you have skipped some content during your graduation, try to read it first from class notes rather than wasting time in reading same what you already know. If you are still in under graduate study, cultivate habit of preparing class note or subject note keeping GATE in mind. The note taking will help you to do revision very easily in last few days before GATE.

2. Non technical tips for GATE exam

One should always remember following these tips for every exam.

  • First and foremost requirement to clear GATE with good score is determination and perseverance to do well in GATE. Because you will get only one chance to improve your score every year. You need to wait for another year to apply again and improve the score. So, have determination to do well and try to do serious preparation. Do not give GATE exam just for passing. You will stand no where if you are having just a GATE score instead of 'Good GATE Score'.

  • You cannot wait for right time for GATE exam preparation. Just do it now. If you wait for right time, that time will never come and you will waste your time just by procrastination.

  • When you decide to give GATE, from that moment onward you should think of GATE only. Just think how you will get good or high GATE score? Try to visualize the moment that you got high GATE score. The law of Attraction (LOA) will help you to do so.

  • Yoga and Exercise will keep you charged with positive energy. You can feel the difference once you start doing it. This will keep you positive and improve you self confidence.

  • Always start from the question for which you are confident enough. Do not waste time in thinking more on strange questions.

  • Never try to attempt all the questions. If you just attempt few but very correct, you will get high score compared to those who attempt maximum but reach to bottom due to negative marking. I have attempted only 23 questions in GATE 2006 and I got 90.26 (Means I was in top 9.74% student for that year)percentile during that year. Just do best compared to others.

  • Always make preparation time table for each subject and manage the time accordingly. Do not make so tight schedule tat you cannot adhere to it. Just make it flexible.

  • Solve practice papers available online and try to improve the score each time.

  • Take advice and help of your teachers because they already passed the GATE! You can meet your seniors and parents to get guidance about preparing mind for the exam.

  • Do not compare your preparation with others, otherwise you will lose self confident and result performance too. Every body has their own way and we cannot judge them by any means.

  • Do preparation on quality level not on quantity level. Some student say he/she usually read more than 15 hours during exam time. What is the meaning of these 15 hours without any quality reading?

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